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You can find the most recent work captured on this site. I set up photo sessions for weddings, portraits, pin-ups, boudoir and engagements. All sessions can be taken in my home studio, at the comfort of your home or at requested location. For weddings, I highly recommend that you take the time to do some classic family portraits or formals- a wedding is a fantastic occasion to record the whole family tree and the new branch that's just beginning. One of the highlights for me of photographing your wedding, is to create an artistic piece that represents your unique day. My goal is to be as creative as possible, while maintaining the true emotion of the day.

        Digital Photography

Digital photography vs. film is a big deal for most brides choosing a photographer. Really, it should not be any issue at all. Digital wedding photography has many benefits that increase workflow and ease of use, which hopefully leads to better photographs. This really depends on the individual digital or non - digital photographer. 
Advantages of digital wedding photography include faster post-production (no film to scan in digitally), ease for posting online, negatives in the form of a DVD, and more photos that can be taken on the day of the wedding. Digital wedding photographers have been known to take up to 3,000 bridal images on a single day. For non - digital wedding photographers, no one would ever use up almost 100 rolls of 35mm film in one day.

Digital Touch up  

 I retouch any image that is ordered as an enlargement or used in your album. Basic retouching usually includes fixing minor skin blemishes, minor acne, shiny foreheads, laugh lines, and other small imperfections.  It is “basic,” meaning it will not drastically change the image to alter your true appearance.  The goal of basic retouching is to make you look your best without making you look like someone else.  Extensive retouching that is not neccesarily included in your wedding package might consist of removing glare from glasses, make me look thin, make me look younger, and removing hair styled to fall onto your face, or removing people from photographs. For complicated or extensive retouching, an hourly fee will apply.


Wedding day timeline

Having a detailed timeline for your wedding day will help things to run more smoothly and insure that all of the events that are important to you are photographed within the photography coverage. Please keep in mind that each wedding is different and the time needed may vary. The following guide is the recommended time to allocate for your photography time line.

Getting Ready 45–60 minutes
“Getting Ready” images will document the process of the bride & groom getting ready for the wedding. This is often the unseen part of your wedding day and they are special moments that are often overlooked. I will get detailed images of your accessories (rings, bouquet, garter, wedding dress, etc) as well as the finishing touches of the hair & make up applications.

Ceremony 90 minutes–2 hours
Ceremony includes
the actual Ceremony (30-60 minutes),
Family Pictures (15-20 minutes),
Wedding Party Pictures (20-30 minutes) and the remaining time for photos with the Bride & Groom at the ceremony site.

Photo Session 30–60 minutes
Many couples would like to have an off-site photo session with just the bride & groom or with the entire bridal party.

Reception 3–5 hours
Some important parts of the reception program to be documented are: First Dance, Father-daughter Dance, Cake Cutting, Bouquet Toss, Garter Toss, and your guests enjoying the party in general.
I will be sure to capture some candid moments and also details of the reception decor. (favors, centerpiece, etc)
I recommend arranging your reception program so that the First Dance is at the beginning of the program and we can take pictures with the wedding cake before the actual cake cutting.

Please also keep in mind the transportation times between locations. If you are having a limo, I recommend having a space for the photographer to ride with you. I want to be with the bride & groom as much as possible so I can document every moment of your wedding day!

Let your wedding photography experience be fun.

 Please contact me so that we may begin to talk about the
photography of your wedding day. To view a printed portfolio of
images, albums and other wedding products.